Customized your Screening for Photosynthetic Performance

  • Which Windows version is the FluorWin software compatible with?
  • FluorWin is compatible with Windows 7 or higher.

  • What is the detection limit of PSI Fluorometers?
  • Detection limit of the fast fluorometer FL 6000/F is 1-5 ug/L of ChlA. Standard fluorometer FL 6000/S can be adjusted to detection limit 100-500 ng/L of ChlA.

  • How to calculate parameters such as QY from fluorescence meaurement, especially if they are in negative values?
  • Blank measurement is needed except sample measurement. Fresh medium or distilled water can be used as blank. Blank measurement is required for background determination. Please note that background level depends on light and detector setting (offset and gain), therefore use always same setting for sample and blank measurement to make them comparable. If necessary turn off the auto offset function for blank measurement and apply manually setting used by sample measurement.

    Take blank (=background) measurement as zero for calculations and subtrack it from F0 and Fm value (see picture bellow).

  • Do you offer another LED colors accept standard 460 and 623 nm for the Measuring unit?
  • Yes, PSI company is open to modify devices based on customer needs. For current offer of LED wavelengths contact the support team. Please note that one Measuring unit can by equipped with two wavelengths of measuring light, one or two wavelengths of actinic light (second wavelength on request) and one wavelengths of saturating light. Adding more LED colors is technically not possible.

  • Can be Thermoregulator and Oxygen detector module used within one Measuring unit at the same time?
  • No, this is not possible because of lack of space. Both additional devices are inserted from the top into the cuvette. So that they can only be used separately.