Customized your Screening for Photosynthetic Performance

  • Which Windows version is the FluorWin software compatible with?
  • It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 (32 bit versions only).

  • What is the detection limit of PSI Fluorometers?
  • Sensitivity/detection limit of the fast fluorometer (FL 3500/F) is 1-5 ug/L of ChlA. Standard fluorometer (FL 3500/S) can be adjusted to detection limit 100-500 ng/L of ChlA (special type of protocol - multiple turnover flashlet sequence - must be used). High sensitivity fluorometer (FL 3500/HS) with integrating sphere can reach down to 1-10 ng/L of ChlA ( with multiple turover flashlet sequence protocol).

  • Does the Fluorometer control software run also under Windows 7?
  • Yes, FluorWin, control software for Fluorometers, runs under Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Program compatibility with different Windows versions can also be checked at our web page http://psi.cz/downloads/

  • Just recently I have bought your fluorometer FL 3500/F and now I am thinking about its upgrade. Will the Oxygen Detector be a good choice?
  • Indeed, the Oxygen Detector with oxygen microelectrode is a very useful tool. In principle, it serves for detection of oxygen evolution. A user can program his/her own oxygen evolution protocols (using, for example, single turnover saturating flashlets). In such case, data from the oxygen probe are not temperature compensated and 2-point calibration for the absolute concentration must be done by a user.

  • I am looking for Qy, OJIP and FRR capabilities in an instrument that would offer 'normal' high sensitivity detection of fluorescein with a different LED for excitation and detection. Can the High-Sensitivity Fluorometer FL 3500/HS be used for such application?

  • Yes, this Fluorometer can be very useful for your experiments. It offers scripting language for protocol definition (light actions, measurements, external triggering-pumping, etc.) and next to the predefined protocols like Qy, OJIP or FRR there can be executed also your own scripts. The masuring compartment is designed as an integrating sphere(40 ml volume) and avalanche photodiode detectors.