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Service Support

At PSI we are committed to provide our customers with the best possible IT and systems support. Our support team is highly trained, professional and our goal is to ensure we fix your problem as soon as possible.

Support email: support@psi.cz

Sale terms
  • Pricing and availability are subject to change without notice. Quotations are available upon request. All prices are based upon a single item purchase unless otherwise noted. All customers are afforded the same pricing as the current price list. Quantity discounts are determined by PSI Management.
  • Quotations for PSI instrumentation always include pricing, delivery information, validity from the date of issuance, and bank details. Prices do not include shipping and packing costs; those are added as a separate item on the invoice or on the quotation. Prices exclude VAT.
  • Customs clearance and all duties are not the supplier’s responsibility.
  • Custom or special-made equipment is nonrefundable and nonreturnable. It is warranted for workmanship only – PSI cannot guarantee that it will work for the customer’s special purpose.
  • Purchase Orders must include a complete invoice address and shipping address and precise description of ordered items. Once a customer’s purchase order is submitted and accepted, PSI recognizes a contract with the customer for goods to be supplied. PSI is not responsible if shipping date must be extended longer than it was originally quoted (due to unforeseen happenings, such as year-end closing, fiscal year closing etc.). Alteration or cancellation of the purchase may result in additional charges or penalties. PSI is not responsible for items that were ordered incorrectly.
  • Wire transfer is the preferred payment method. It is the quickest and least expensive way to pay for your order. If you have a Quotation or an Invoice from us, that is all that your bank needs to make an electronic money transfer. PSI bank information for wire transfer is provided on the Quotation/Invoice. Please include your name and our Invoice/Quote number in the Wire Transfer reference.
  • Check may be accepted ONLY upon prior approval.
  • Credit card may be used in our Credit Card Payment Gateway. For details, write to ivana(at)psi.cz.
  • Letter of Credit or CAD are unusual form of payment for PSI. Customers wishing to pay by Letter of Credit or CAD must alert PSI about this intent upon submission of the purchase order. PSI will furnish these customers with additional terms and conditions specific to the issuance of the Letter of Credit or CAD. L/C content or CAD content must be agreed by PSI prior to their issuance. Both Letter of Credit and CAD administration fees are EUR 500. For details, write to ivana(at)psi.cz.
Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

READ the following instructions before you accept the shipment from the carrier.

  • Inspect the shipment carefully.
  • If you received an evidently damaged shipment, do not accept it from the carrier.
  • If there is no visible damage, open the container and check its contents carefully.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to unpack the parcel and to check its content within 48 hours after delivery. If the damage claim is reported after this time period, PSI will not be able to claim for refund for damaged goods at the shipping company. In such case, any future repair to the damaged goods will be considered as non-warranty repair.
  • If any damage is found in the parcel content within 48 hours after delivery, please contact PSI – support(at)psi.cz.
  • All PSI shipments include a list of shipped instruments and/or additional parts. Please, compare the contents of the shipment and the enclosed list.
  • If concealed damage is found after the shipment is opened, make a written note of any damage (on wrapping, container, contents, etc.) and send it to the carrier and to PSI.
  • Retain all shipping materials for the purpose of damage inspection.

Goods shipped by PSI were delivered to the carrier in good condition. They were packed with great care using standard approved packaging methods. All PSI shipments are insured for the full product value and the carrier is responsible for any damage in transit! Please, report any damage or incomplete shipment to PSI immediately.

E-mail: shipping(at)psi.cz
Phone: +420 511 440 549
Fax: +420 511 440 901

Return Procedure

Before returning any instrument to PSI:

  • Make sure that the instrument is in fact faulty and has not just been set up improperly.
  • Contact PSI support(at)psi.cz before sending anything back. You will be given the RMA number, which must be clearly marked on the outside of the shipped container.
  • When sending the faulty device back to PSI, please pack it very carefully. Use a have duty box and lots of wrapping/foaming material.
  • If the returned instrument is damaged during shipment due to insufficient packing, PSI will have to charge the repair (or its part) as a non-warranty one.
  • If you have encountered a program failure, we would need a printed copy of any faults you have seen, including how to reproduce them. Include it into the return package along with your mailing address.
  • Include a copy of the Invoice on which the product was shipped to you.
  • All returns must be shipped prepaid. Unpaid packages will not be accepted.
  • In case of questions contact us by E-mail: support(at)psi.cz or shipping(at)psi.cz, by phone: +420 511 440 034, +420 511 440 032,+420 511 440 022, +420 388 440 046, or by fax: +420 511 440 901.

  • Which Windows version is the FluorWin software compatible with?
  • It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 (32 bit versions only).

  • What is the detection limit of PSI Fluorometers?
  • Sensitivity/detection limit of the fast fluorometer (FL 3500/F) is 1-5 ug/L of ChlA. Standard fluorometer (FL 3500/S) can be adjusted to detection limit 100-500 ng/L of ChlA (special type of protocol - multiple turnover flashlet sequence - must be used). High sensitivity fluorometer (FL 3500/HS) with integrating sphere can reach down to 1-10 ng/L of ChlA ( with multiple turover flashlet sequence protocol).

  • Does the Fluorometer control software run also under Windows 7?
  • Yes, FluorWin, control software for Fluorometers, runs under Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Program compatibility with different Windows versions can also be checked at our web page http://psi.cz/downloads/

  • Just recently I have bought your fluorometer FL 3500/F and now I am thinking about its upgrade. Will the Oxygen Detector be a good choice?
  • Indeed, the Oxygen Detector with oxygen microelectrode is a very useful tool. In principle, it serves for detection of oxygen evolution. A user can program his/her own oxygen evolution protocols (using, for example, single turnover saturating flashlets). In such case, data from the oxygen probe are not temperature compensated and 2-point calibration for the absolute concentration must be done by a user.

  • I am looking for Qy, OJIP and FRR capabilities in an instrument that would offer 'normal' high sensitivity detection of fluorescein with a different LED for excitation and detection. Can the High-Sensitivity Fluorometer FL 3500/HS be used for such application?

  • Yes, this Fluorometer can be very useful for your experiments. It offers scripting language for protocol definition (light actions, measurements, external triggering-pumping, etc.) and next to the predefined protocols like Qy, OJIP or FRR there can be executed also your own scripts. The masuring compartment is designed as an integrating sphere(40 ml volume) and avalanche photodiode detectors.